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Paper Wallets V 2.0

I like the concept of crypto paper wallets. To be able to hand out a gift and at the same time bring awareness about crypto (and Gulden!). But let’s face it, the original paper wallets are simply not safe to create anymore.

So I was thinking, is there another way to create something like a paper wallet, but in a more secure way? I came up with what I am presenting to you here.

It’s basically a seed card, containing the seeds to a wallet, but designed in a way to make it easily approachable for newcomers to crypto and Gulden. It contains easy instructions on how to redeem Gulden.

To make a paper wallet “2.0”, you simply create a new wallet and write the seeds in the card. Then you can choose 2 options. The easiest one is to pre-load it with Gulden and write the amount on the card.

The second is to create an empty wallet and place the receiver QR code on the card. Then you can load the card “on the go”!
First, fold it in half.
Fold it in half again and you have your card!

The wallets have the size of a credit card, so they can easily fit in your pocket wallet.

Make 5 or 10 wallets. Carry them in your pocket and hand them out to anyone interested.
Click here to access the file in Google drive (Not sure if you can make a copy of this file to your own drive via this link?)
Do you think it's a good idea? Let me know in the comments below.
Update: I added an extra page to the PDF wallet. People should know that they should NOT use the wallet as their personal future wallet, but to create their own.
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